Today started out as a regular day. Get up, get ready, let the monkeys loose, change them, get them dressed, feed the hungry hordes! 🙂 Ya know, the typical morning stuff. However, I bailed out early after that because I had an OB appointment this morning. They come around every 4 wks or so, and the last one I went to I was hoping that the doc would schedule my “half-way” ultrasound. I’m not a very patient person when it comes to knowing what the baby is. 😉 I mean gender… I KNOW it’s a baby!! Ha! Anyway, I was disappointed last time because she said we’d schedule it AFTER this next visit. *sigh* Oh well, nothing I could do. So today I reminded her that I still needed to schedule the ultrasound and she said that she’d check if I could just do it today since I was already in town and all. That’s kind of cool, but I was sorry too, because I wanted Stuart to be there to see the baby as well. Still it would save us an extra drive into town, so that’s good.

Turns out the gal who was scheduled to be having her ultrasound right then, hadn’t shown up, so they squeezed me right in! How great is that? Small towns really are the best, don’t ya know? 😉 I have no idea why, but I was getting all tense and nervous as I waited to be called back. Finally I just mentally shook myself and said not to be silly. I mean, getting freaked out about anything certainly wouldn’t change it!

Finally we got all set and I was able to see our tiny one on the screen. Ultrasounds can be difficult to understand, but one thing is for sure, it’s a baby! I’ve noticed that this little one gets very active when I’ve had some coffee. 🙂 Ha ha! Seriously, kicks and punches start up as soon as I take a sip. Surely the caffeine can’t kick in THAT quickly!! I was glad I’d had some this morning though cause I got to see the little arms and legs just a moving away. That’s such a special moment. Getting to see you’re unborn baby moving around. I got several very firm thumps throughout the ultrasound. I have a feeling that pressure wasn’t welcome. 🙂

Anyway, the doc asked, as they do, if I would like to know the gender. I of course said yes, and then held my breath for the ‘big reveal’ as he said. “Let me take a second look first.” Then he proceeded to tell me that, “It looks like a girl!” Wow!! The doctor wouldn’t give me a money back guarantee, but from what he could tell (and he’s been doing this a LONG time. I think he was the doctor who actually delivered my hubby!) he thinks we have a little lady coming to join our house! All along I’ve been saying that another boy would be fine, and believe me it would. I just LOVE little boys!! But deep down, I think I really wanted this one to be a girl. Still, all the way up until he actually said the words I was thinking that it would be a boy for sure! I mean, I know boys! I have boy experience. So initially I was almost a bit nervous thinking about how in the world would I ‘deal’ with a girlie?? 🙂 But that feeling was soon replaced and overwhelmed by the excitement of a new little person to come to our family. A little sister for my two lads. A baby girl’s fingers to wrap her Daddy’s heart around. A daughter for me! Wow!

I had to go out and buy something girlie right away! I found a tiny newborn onesy that was pink and said “Daddy’s little Sweetie” on it. So I got that for Stu. I’m not a huge pink fan to be honest, so I was happy to see lots of cute reds and whites mixed in with some greens as well. 🙂 I got a little romper that I’ll probably use as a hospital outfit for her, that was white with tiny red and pink cherries all over it. CUTE! I have to admit that I have noticed that little girl clothes are so much more fun to shop for than little boy clothes. And a lot more interesting!

So we’re all happy, and excited, and surprised too, here at our house tonight. Myles was messing with the outfit I bought and I told him no because it was for sister. He looked at me and pointed to the romper and said, “Sisa?” Ha ha!! Might be awhile before that concept sinks in, but I thought it was cute! Anyway, that’s our news! Hope you are all having a marvelous start to your week as well!

Ta ta

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