Go for it!

Those words were my Hubby’s typical advice to people during college years when EVERY decision seemed to be a big one, and everyone seemed to seek advice from all their friends. 😉 Such fun days. Maybe that advice wouldn’t be great in every situation. However it has been fantastic for me.

Stuart has been gently encouraging me for some time to take the plunge and try out my photography skills as a business. It’s something that I have wanted to do since becoming so enamored with my camera, but not something I ever actually thought I could do. Hmm… never thought of myself as lacking confidence, but guess I do sometimes. Anyway, after all of the gentle encouragement he finally just kind of pushed me off of the diving board. 😉 In a good way of course. I was perfectly willing to “ease” my way into portrait photography, but for Stu, that just wouldn’t do. Dive in all the way or you’ll constantly be inventing excuses about why you can’t or you’re not ready yet. He’s so good for me!! His believing in me has helped me to be better able to believe in myself. I know that I still don’t posses the “experience” that I need to make it all seamless and easy. I still get butterflies in my stomach each time thinking that something will go terribly wrong. But Stuart’s confidence in me has helped me pull strength to just go for it! Maybe I will flop, most likely it’ll happen sometime, but just because it does won’t mean that I’m a flop. Just means I have to learn a few things and keep right on going!

This weekend we were able to find a lot of stuff for my studio at a HUGE discount! Yay for craigslist!! A guy who had been in professional photography for over 15 yrs was getting rid of a bunch of equipment. We got some amazing lights and wall mounted arms for them to sit on. Several great backdrops, and some tips and tricks too. 😉 Today Stuart set up the tracking for my backdrops and we hung them up. It looks spectacular in there!! I’ll have to post some pictures of the actual studio for y’all soon! We still have work to do, and still have to get the lights up and working, but we’ve certainly made the plunge! It’s so much fun too!! The possibilities seem endless, and I’m super excited about where it might all go. We’ve been caught up in this “wave” of senior portraits. I already have two more sessions booked for this week, but it’s been almost an “I told you so” in that I can now see that it IS POSSIBLE!!! Stuart has amazing ideas and the enthusiasm and work ethic to make them actually happen. So here we are, starting our own business! And what’s more is, IT’S FUN!!! It is a lot of work for me right now, honestly, because I don’t have my work flow totally ironed out and am still learning the editing. But even though it does take time and effort, it’s more fun than ANY work I’ve ever done!! 😀 Hee hee! I’ve always heard that there are “jobs” out there that people enjoy, but thought it was just exaggeration. Now I know it’s possible!

So there you go. Do you have a dream? Something you’ve always wanted to do, but don’t really think it’s possible? Well, you’ll never know until you try, so…. GO FOR IT!!! 🙂

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