That’s the way it feels around here today. No this isn’t the long awaited post… sorry, I should just stop talking about that. 😉 Actually our living room clock broke and apparently it’s the one thing in our lives that guides our schedule! Never mind that there are at least 6 other time keeping devices in our house, not counting cell phones and computers. I never think to look at those for some reason. So time after time I find myself glancing at the now empty space on the wall, and feeling a sudden sense of panic because I DON’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!! It’s actually a good thing that it’s off the wall now though. Before that we were stuck in a perpetual Noon. 😉 Never occurs to me to disbelieve the clock even when I know that it’s dead and we took the batteries out. Not that I have any appointments or pressing time constraints on my day. I guess I just like to know where we are in the course of our activities. Who knew? I had no idea that I was such a time junkie. Hmmmm… Somehow perhaps this should impact my life in a monumental way. Probably the only lasting effect it will have though is to continue to drive me crazy until I get the clock replaced. 🙂 Then I can sit and stare at the time going by and relax. 😉

Night night!

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