Bonafide Photographer!

Okay, yesterday my very first, real live, paying client showed up! Navajo time and all. 😉 She got here in the afternoon and we thought the weather might rain on our parade, but instead it worked with us BEAUTIFULLY!! I’d been praying that it would go well, so I shouldn’t be surprised that God would help, but I am very thankful!! We had a great time. I LOVE taking pictures!!! And I love taking pictures of people who want to get a good picture, ya know? So compliant and willing to do stuff! I had so much fun that I was nearly afraid to actually upload the shots. That’s the part that always gets me nervous. I’ve had some issues with my camera being a bit stubborn recently so I’m not always confident that what I see when I snap the frame is what will actually show up. However, I was pleasantly surprised, and delighted really with how many great shots we ended up with!! I’m actually going to have to weed it down some so that they can make easier choices for their prints.
My senior was here along with her mom, older sis and their lil nephew and niece. So we had a bunch of people to impress. 🙂 They were telling me all about people they knew, cousins and such, that also needed shots done, and were going to reccommend that they call me! I was surprised, because they hadn’t actually SEEN my work yet, but of course my shining people skills drew them in. 😉 (For those of you who may not REALLY know me, I’m the worlds worst people person…. honesly! But I’m working on it and hopefully improving)
Anyway, consider yourselves lucky because y’all get to see some of the shots before they do!! 🙂 I had a hard time choosing my favorite, but here are some of them. Toodles!

Class of ’10. can it really be 10 years since I graduated COLLEGE???? What in the world?

I love the traditional dress, and I really liked this shot!

Shooting at this angle makes for a very strong pose, don’t you think? Looking to the future with confidence!

Another favorite pose. I actually like portraits with a bit of hair blowing in the wind… might just be a me thing.

Look at that sky! Couldn’t ask for a better backdrop! I already told you that I like pics where the subject isn’t necessarily looking at the camera, right? 🙂

And the last one. The lighting worked out SOOOO much better with the backdrops this time around. Thankful, I am!

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