Anticipation :)

Hey all! Happy weekend to ya! I just wanted to write a quick post before I take the Monkeys, who are trying to destroy our house, outside to work off some energy! My last post apparently created some speculation/anticipation that I wasn’t really intending. 🙂 Such curious people, my readers. Ha ha ha!! Just kidding! I didn’t mean for it to build up like I had some HUGE announcement or something. It started out as a general observation because a friend of mine had been sharing about the amazing way that God worked it out for them to buy the house they wanted, in a rush, of course. And so I was thinking about that, then thinking about how things have worked out in our lives that way from time to time. We are in the process of change, and some opportunities have come up, but nothing as “monumental” as a move or change in ministry, yet. 😉 I hesitate to say that those things won’t happen because God’s the one orchestrating what goes on. But we are looking to the future and praying about jobs and such. So no decisions yet, but still in the thinking/praying process. Sorry about that. 🙂
I might have a photography shoot this afternoon…. but haven’t yet heard back from the gal. Navajo time and all. 😉 But if that doesn’t pan out then during nap time today I’ll write my brewed post. 🙂 It’s sure to disappoint you all because I’m pretty sure it’s not “as big” as me constantly talking about it makes it seem, but for me it is big because it means changes for me and my kids. In a good way of course, but I’m still dragging my feet for some reason. *sigh*
Speaking of feet, there are 4 little ones that NEED to go outside. So I’m going to fix me some late morning coffee and hie us outdoors.
In case you didn’t notice I have a “bragging button” on my sidebar because my little droplet photo made the “Top 10” for Shutter Love Tuesdays! 🙂 It made me feel good anyway. Thanks for voting for me, if you did!
Ta ta!

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