Me, me, me, me

Don’t wanna read about me? Well you came to the wrong place! 🙂 I told a friend recently that I was planning a blog post about my “new” resolutions since the “New Year’s” ones didn’t seem to stick so well. Something about those 15 weeks of morning sickness had SOMETHING to do with it I’m sure. 😉 But I can no longer use that as an excuse…. most of the time.

This morning I was going to get up early to have a few moments peace to gather my scattered self together before the lads got up raring to go. However the snooze button, and eventually the OFF button were my downfall. If only they invented alarm clocks with out them. I know, I know, they probably have, but I’m NOT getting rid of my nature sounds alarm because I’m MUCH more grumpy when an annoying beep or ring pulls me out of slumber land. So I’ll have to start tomorrow with that resolve.

However a quick trip on the scale this morning convinced me that I need to be much more proactive about NOT turning into a mini-Jaba during this pregnancy. I know the weight will come off after baby, but I also know that the more there is the harder I have to work and the LONGER it takes. I don’t want to gain too much. I was pretty active when I was pregnant w/ Myles and that REALLY helped weight wise. This time I’ve been way too sluggish and am consequently turning into a slug way too fast! 😉 So today I gathered the lads up in their spiffy double stroller and we all went for a walk. 🙂 Qade actually did request to get down and walk so I let him once we were close to being back. It felt good! I still loathe that stupid sandy hill that we have to walk up right off the bat, but I’m sure I need the extra resistance anyway. I have to make up for lost time. 😉 I’m also planning to start INSANITY again. Now before any of you (Mom) have a heart attack (Mom) and call me up telling me not to be crazy (MOM!!) I’m only going to do the “cardio recovery” work out which is slow yoga-like muscle building moves and LOTS of stretching, which my poor poor hips could really use. So there you go, no worries! (Mom. Hee hee) I’ve had issues w/ my left hip ever since I had Qade, and I found in doing the INSANITY program that the stretches really made it feel good. Here’s hoping. Well that’s some of my physical health resolves for now.

As far as mental/emotional health I’m working on incorporating some ME ME ME time into more of my days. With 2 little monkeys, and I do mean monkeys! You should have seen them playing on the HUGE satellite dish outside today. Monkey is the only word to describe it… or maybe spiderman! Anyway, keeping up and taking care and bringing up two monkeys takes a LOT of mental/emotional/physical energy. But I’ve discovered that all of those reserves can get quickly drained if I don’t take some time for me. That’s why I’m sitting here with my head wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel. 😉 An awesome friend of mine has been posting some “spa moments” on her blog and one of them was a hot oil treatment for hair. My hair has been thirsting for some extra attention for quite some time now. I’m sure it’s enjoying this. So I have olive oil on my head and will shortly be using her vinegar rinse for some extra shine! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Anyway, I digress. Part of why I’m trying to change some of these things coincides with my “brewing” blog, which I believe is nearly done percolating. 😉 So I don’t want to steal my own thunder, but that blog is mostly about my kids, and these things are mostly about how I need to change things for ME. 🙂 See, all about me again!
So the getting up early part is for my emotional/spiritual health. I have found it so difficult to just steal a few minutes of quiet during the day for some Bible reading and prayer unless I get up before the kidos. Yet it’s SO vital. I have to work harder to make that a priority. A mommy who isn’t “keeping up” with her spiritual growth isn’t going to be able to keep up with training her children the right way. The physical part is just because I don’t want my energy to be sapped by the fact that I couldn’t exercise self-control and discipline in my own life. I don’t want to be feeling sluggish and tired because of my weight or fitness level when I’m trying to “keep up” with my kids. I want to be able to play with them and do things. What I don’t want is for me to look back on my children’s formative years with feelings of regret because I wasn’t fit enough or was constantly battling my weight. So the battle starts now, and then it won’t be such a big deal later. “The journey of a thousand pounds, oops I mean miles 😉 begins with one step!” Then the ‘spa for me’ moments are just to help me remember that I can be beautiful every day! I don’t have to just be a ‘frumpy’ mom because I stay at home with the little ones and sometimes wear snot on my shirt as an accessory. 🙂 Right now where we live and where we are in life makes it really easy for me to “not care.” I very rarely leave the house during the week, so it seems kinda pointless to get all “gussied up.” Still, I want to be pretty for my hubby, and set a good example for my lads. Also I’m working on getting out more as well. It’s not really possible for me to go “to town” 45 min away very much, but I am setting up play dates with a young mom here in town, and that helps a lot!! Just having that one thing to look forward to each week makes a HUGE difference.
So anyway, I’m off to wash the goo out of my hair and get prettified. Here are the before and after pics. Do you think the treatment made a difference?? Toodles!

You can see how “thirsty” my hair looks.

Had to put this one it with my handy dandy plastic wrap shower cap! Can’t believe I have the guts to post this!

And after. Granted my hair was a tad damp, but more than that, not all of the oil rinsed out so I’ll have to work harder at it next wash. 🙂 Still, I think it’s much happier after a needed thirst quencher!

P.S. I didn’t link to my friend’s blog w/ the oil instructions because her blog is not open to the public, but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll e-mail you the steps. She does a fantastic job of explaining everything, though for my purposes she should have made a “for dummies” version. I heated up the oil and like a fool I “tested” the temperature by sticking my finger in it!!! Ya know what happens to chicken when you drop it in hot oil? Well, that happens to fingers too!! Owie!! Oh, and one other note, vinegar doesn’t feel good in your eyes! 😉

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