This afternoon I decided to do a “shoot” with the lads. I’d like to get a good picture of them together, but I’ll have to have reinforcements!! This is how it goes… Mommy suggests we go take some pictures, lads get all hyper and excited because they actually are invited into the “forbidden” room, they flop on the backdrops and hold still for exactly no seconds and I take a BUNCH of blurry pictures. 🙂 Then I manage to get one to hold still while the other spins in circles somewhere in the room. Eventually I come out with some photos like these. 🙂

This is my 2 for only one more day, big boy! Buford made a guest appearance today, how fun.


And Myles would absolutely NOT be still for the world! In fact I don’t think he even sat down the whole time. Here’s our Monkey #2!


Well, guess he kinda sat down, but believe me he did NOT stop moving! 🙂 Love how the Cheeto stains match his shorts! 😉


And would you believe this was the only shot I got (all of) both of them in??? How could that be possible?


My Bro and his wife and daughter are coming over tomorrow. Perhaps they will let me snag some shots of them as well. Right now I’m just trying to shoot as much as possible, get good and comfy with my camera settings and keep working on the lighting issues. Have a swell night! Remember tomorrow is LIME GREEN THURSDAY!!! Wear something limey for me!

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