Senior Portraits

So last week I got to take some shots of Stuart’s cousin, Cheyenne, for her senior portraits. I’m slowly working my way into this thing. I know that it will get “easier” and better with time. At this point though, I sill lack inner confidence, though I hope that I project a confident enough image while actually shooting. I know that I need to act confident in any given situation if I ever hope to “feel” confident as well. I wasn’t thrilled with a LOT of the photos that I took. They came a little later than I was expecting and some of the light I had been counting on was gone when I ‘needed’ it. So I learned a LOT more about how much more I need to learn about lighting, especially indoors! 🙂 It’s good! We had fun, and I think ended up with some nice shots. I still have some “sifting” to do through them, but here are a few for your viewing entertainment! Feel free to leave constructive/critical comments.

I wish now that I had taken more pics here, but the bulls in the pen made me a little nervous. 😉

I once read an article about what a great backdrop a North facing garage door made…. and ours happens to be one, what do ya know?


This has been edited for a 10×30 size print.


Just an idea I had… needs some work, I know, but I thought it was kind of unique!

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