Serious (almost) 3yr old conversation

Qade likes to sit and talk. He likes to be a big boy, and he likes for me to take him seriously. I think memories of my own childhood where I would be trying to communicate a thought, concept or idea to an adult only to have them give me that “oh-you’re-just-a-kid” chuckle and move on, help me to take the time to TRY to figure out what Qade is saying. I can see the wheels turning in his head and I know he has a great memory and puts things together on his own. I need to remember that he takes himself very seriously and I should too. 🙂

So a couple of days ago I snuck into their room where they were playing with the door closed. This is the “newest” thing to do. They will go in there and close the door and play nicely (amazingly) together. Of course, deep down I believe the door is closed so Mommy won’t find out what they are doing. So occasionally I’ll pop my head in to make sure they really are behaving, and most of the time they are. 🙂 Anyway, I went in and flopped down on Qade’s bed. He put me to bed with his blanket and then sang “Sunshine” to me and said, “Close your eyes, Mommy!” Ha ha!! Then he fixed me dinner and told me all about his “house” which was the room. He showed me where the bathroom was, behind Myles’ crib and then he hopped in his animal bucket and went to “town” to visit Masona. 😀 After all of that he came and sat on the bed with me and we just gabbed. We talked all about the things we did that day. We talked about the loud noise that the smoke detector makes, and how it scared us. (This made quite an impression on him and he has been pointing out smoke detectors in EVERY building we go into)! We laughed and talked and talked and laughed some more. He had just had a cup of water and while he was leaning on my legs I jiggled him and his tummy sloshed. His eyes got bigger and he asked, ‘What’s that?” So we sloshed it some more and talked about the water in his belly. We talked about the baby in my tummy, a subject new to him, but one he brings up frequently. 🙂

We had a great time talking. He’s my little big guy and some days we lock horns all day, it seems, but others we have such a good time becoming better friends. I enjoy talking to him! I was thinking about that yesterday how when he was itty bitty I couldn’t wait for the time when he could actually talk to me and tell me things that were on his mind. Now we’re there, and I’m enjoying it immensely!!

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