Vintage Photo Editing

So, I came across a tutorial from the i heart faces site about however many “easy” steps to make a photo look more “vintage.” I have to say it was a fun and learning experience for me. The trouble w/ most of these tutorials is that they are for Photoshop programs. The program I use is Pixelmator, and while most of the tools and such are all still there, they aren’t necessarily in the same places and so on. So I have to do a little investigating in my own program to actually do what they are doing in the tutorial. However, that’s a good thing, because it helps me learn my editing software a little bit better. But I still need your opinions. Do you think this photo looks “vintage?”

Vintage project

I’m going to include the original image as well so you can better judge. I have a hard time really knowing if my photos could actually be categorized in words like “dramatic” or “vintage” or “moody.” I mean, who knows? It’s somewhat subjective, but I’m sure there are still things about the image that need to somehow strike a chord that would say, “Hey, I really AM a vintage lookin’ image, doncha think?” 😉 Ha ha… time and practice will help, I know. So here’s the original. This was Myles looking up at his balloon while he was playing at his cousin’s b-day party.


So? What do you think?

Oh, and I realized I hadn’t linked to the tutorial. You can find it HERE.

And one more note, ha! I did add a gradient to my image that she didn’t mention in her tutorial, but I think this photo needed it.

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