Take 3

So I promise that my blog is not just going to become a before and after place for my photo experiments, but you’ll have to indulge me one last time. (For now) 😉

I wasn’t happy with the result of my second go at the vintage tutorial. Don’t know if it was the one thing that I did “wrong” the first time, and then fixed, but it just seemed to be lacking something for the “feel” I was going for. Okay, I’ll stop being so “artsy” about it, and just bluntly say, I didn’t like it. So I added some texture to the photo, and I think it made a real difference. Here they are again before and afters just to show you a bit of how my mind works.

First Edit
Vintage Qade

Edit with texture
Vintage texture Qade

Which do you prefer, and why? Just out of curiosity. Maybe the first one actually is better and I’m just being weird. 😉 It is possible I’m sure.

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