Last week on several different occasions…. maybe it was only two, but it felt like more, I found tail-tell signs that Qade had been climbing up onto the changing table and “messing” with stuff. For example, one day both the little wall art quotes I have hanging there were down, set up nicely against the back of the table. The next time I came in during nap time because I heard some commotion and found the wipes container empty on the floor amidst a pile of crumpled up wipes! I had JUST refilled it, so this did not please me in the least! I informed him that he was NOT to get on the changing table any more, it was OFF LIMITS! And he proceeded to have to stuff all of those wipes back in the container. Trust me, they don’t fit as well that way. I’m still digging out crumpled up wipes when I change Myles. 😉 So the other day I was in there for something, and happened to glance up at the wall. THEN I laughed out loud. I figured that Qade had disobeyed me and been back on the table, but he didn’t get disciplined for it. I don’t know when it happened, but I do know that it did. Can you guess how??


I think that Qade is still at too young of an age to ‘remember’ his transgressions from a day or even an afternoon ago. Plus I just couldn’t see myself pointing out the fact that the “pictures” weren’t right and that’s how I knew he’d been up there. So I supposed he committed the perfect crime this time around. 😉

I told you that destroying the closet has been the favorite pastime of both the lads recently. Well, yesterday since they couldn’t get into the closet, they invented a new one. Get into the rubbermades under the bed and strew all it’s contents all over the floor. The effect is about the same. Both in the way the room looks and Mommy’s reaction to it. Poor Myles realized that he is not exempt from correction when he has his share in the transgression. Qade got in trouble once, and was innocently (amazingly enough) playing in the living room the second time. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went past their room to see Myles standing happily in the middle of a pile of clothing. What was he thinking?

I just went to get the lad up since I heard him in his room. Potty training, you know. Guess what I found??? 😉 An empty box of wipes, but not a wipe in sight! He had stuffed them all BEHIND the changing table this time. I’d comment on some people have a hard head and taking awhile to learn their lessons, but I think I fit that description too, so I’d better not. 😉 Have a great, wipe free day!

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