Not me Poop edition

Did I already have one of these editions?? Can’t remember but it rings a bell somewhere. Probably one of those things I’ve been trying to block from my memory. 🙂

Yesterday, Easter, I did not intentionally keep my potty training lad in ‘unders’ while we went to church. Keep in mind it’s a 40 min drive to town. Imagine the mommy’s pride in her amazing child prodigy when he managed not only to stay dry the entire drive, but also through Children’s Church! This same child, however, did not wet his pants only moments from our own home. *sigh*

Dispite the set back I did not just quickly change him into another pair of unders and fresh pants before we rushed over to Great-Grandpa’s 80th b-day party. I didn’t think (honestly) about the fact that this same potty training lad hadn’t had a BM in over a day. This child didn’t have such a good time running around with his cousins and Auntie and grandparents that he didn’t tell Mommy he needed to potty. Neither did he tell me when he did have an accident. Fun is just too much fun to stop for something like wet pants. I did not spot him walking around like a duck and figure out he had “peep” on his pants. 😉 Oh, and of course I didn’t check to make sure it was JUST “peep” either. I did not walk him down the long hall and across a big room looking for an available bathroom unknowingly spreading little “nuggets” that were working their way down his pant legs all over the house. Even when he looked down and said “Uh-oh, poop!” it did not occur to me that the little brown smashed thing on the carpet was actually doo-doo. It didn’t take me all the way till I was helping him out of his pants and a bunch of little “pebbles” went rolling all over the floor for me to actually understand what happened. It also didn’t take me so long to get things taken care of in the bathroom that by the time I came out to deal with the rest of the mess someone else had unknowingly picked up most of the pieces WITH THEIR BARE HANDS thinking it was candy that kids had dropped from the egg hunt. Oh dear! Gross!

Our potty trainee hasn’t been drinking as much as “normal” because of his training regimen, but I think I’ll be giving him more after this. The “gravel” that ended up everywhere convinced me that he could use more liquid. Today he is getting little sips of water whenever he asks for it. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh and one more. My lads did NOT go to bed late last night and then get up SUPER early this morning so that they were grouchy and irritable beyond belief by 9AM. Not my boys!! 😉

The photo is just for your amusement. This was a “post incident” shot of the cousins having a grand time at Great Grandma’s doll table. 🙂

Tea for Three

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