My Guinea Family

I’ve been working on photos, so of course I have to do another blog post to share! 😀 This weekend we had lots of the Noggle family here to surprise celebrate Great-grandpa’s, or Grandpa-Junior as Qade calls him, 80th birthday. We didn’t know till last minute if Tiffany and Aiden would be able to come, the weather up there is kind of cranky sometimes. However they made it down, much to the delight of Qade. Several days before he had been talking on his play phone. I asked him who he was talking to and he replied, “Aiden.” Then he said very clearly into the phone, “Hi, Aiden. Come see me.” Apparently Aiden got the message. 😀 We were happy he came to see us, and that he brought his Mom too. 😉

Anyway, Tiff and Aiden were so kind as to let me snap some pictures of them. I’m working on my portrait photography. Every time I do something like this though it really shakes my confidence in whether I can really do this. I’m going to attempt to get some “senior portrait” clients soon though so guess I need to take a big gulp of air (as Tom Ferrill used to say at camp) and just dive in. 🙂 A LOT of the pictures I took of these two were “duds” mostly because we were experimenting with lighting and the flashes and so on. Still I got a few nice ones, and a few not as nice ones, but some. I’m sure as I become more familiar with the equipment and the lighting concepts I’ll have more and more nice ones and fewer and fewer not-so-nice ones. At least that’s my hope.

So here are a few of the few nice ones. Just thought I’d share. 😀

I think this ended up being my all time favorite!

Close second, or third… I like feet!

What great smiles!!

I think he’s talking to Stuart here, but I liked the way he was posed.

I like photos where not everyone is looking at the camera… maybe I’m just weird. This one is sweet though.

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