Helen Grace

Last week my favorite niece in the whole wide world turned one! 🙂 We all got to go to her b-day party which was oodles of fun, fun, fun. Plus food and yummy cupcakes so who wouldn’t want to be there, huh? 😉 Anyway, I took my handy dandy camera with my new 50mm lens and had fun snapping away. Thought I’d post a few of the pics for the fam. The rest of you are welcome to look as well. Ha!! There are plenty more pics where these came from, but I figure I got some of the highlights here! Enjoy!

The birthday girl! I just love her little dress!


Helen was much more “dainty” about eating her cake than my lads ever were. 🙂 Guess it’s a girl thing.



Her mom actually put the frosting on her nose because she needed some color. 😉 Ha ha ha!

Birthday Girl

Cousins crash! They all love to play with these push toys the the grandparents have for them. This building had wide open spaces too which made it even more fun!


What’s a birthday w/o balloons? Qade popped one and got upset. Myles popped one and acted like absolutely nothing had happened. Weird! Helen didn’t pop any.


Opening gifts was a grand time. I think she would rather have been down to play, but I love how intense she is on this package. I mean look at the Michael Jordan concentration going on there!


Playing UNDER the table has to be the most exciting thing ever!


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