Another day…

My Faves

Here are two of my favorite faces of all time. Even when they are misbehavin’. 🙂

Today was another hard day, and I felt pretty lousy on top of it, so of course that didn’t help. However, we made it through to bed time… at least one is down, and the other will be shortly. 😀 I have to confess that was my goal today. I kept looking at the clock thinking only such-n-such hours till bed time! Somewhere between putting back ALL the clothes that Qade had pulled out of the closet and clothes bins, and pulling apart the quarreling siblings for the 16th time, all I could think of was the few precious moments of peace after they were tucked into bed! Yep, I do have those days. Here’s hoping to a better tomorrow though. And looking at those sweet faces it’s easy to think that there will be better tomorrows. 😀

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