More Snuggles Please

My boys have never been BIG cuddlers unless they’re sick. But recently I’ve been getting some good snuggle times even from the well lads!! I love it! Qade has been getting up early so he’s usually pretty tired by lunch time. Occasionally he’ll just ask me to “Sit with me” and we’ll pile into a chair, he’ll pop in his thumb, I’ll do the rocking and it’s oh so fun! 🙂 He also wakes up from nap some days not really ready for much interaction, especially the little brother kind, and this often prompts another of our sitting sessions.

Myles is my attention hog! He will have a hard time once baby #3 arrives and Mommy can no longer give him all the attention he wants. Often though it’s only when someone else might be having some attention that he begins to feel deprived and starts to demand some for himself. 😉 But he has been under the weather lately and sometimes just feels pretty sad. So we’ll snuggle up in the chair just me and him and a good board book, and like magic he’ll be chipper and happy with just a few minutes of snuggle therapy! 🙂 Works like that for me too!

Well, the past 2 evenings I’ve been feeling gross again. Blah! The last week the nausea was really starting to let up and I was encouraged that the end of the tunnel was near. However, it’s back! Ugh! I’m quickly approaching that “magical” 13 wk mark and hope that it really does do it’s magic! I’ve been looking forward to it for the past oh, 10 weeks!! 🙂

Today was a beautiful day!! We had the sunshine, the warmer temps, and NO wind! This afternoon we played outside and helped Daddy clean up some stuff around the house. The lads are thoroughly dirty, but loving it! 🙂 Tonight Stu is fixing steak for dinner!! Sounds good to me even with the lousy tummy! So hope y’all have a great weekend! We’re having company so the lads can get spoiled by their grandparents again. Can’t get enough of that after all! Ta ta!

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