My littlest Love

So Myles was up and attem this afternoon while Qade was napping. We made the spare room bed together, then messed it up playing on top! Then I said, “Hey lets take some pictures!” Little buddy hopped up, and made a bee-line for the backdrop and plopped down ready for his photo shoot!! He even said CHEEEEEESE!! While I was snapping away!! What a cutie! Even though he doesn’t feel good today we still got some fun shots. Maybe BECAUSE he doesn’t feel good he slowed down long enough for me to snap some! 🙂 Anyway, I decided to share some with you. Lucky friends!! 😀

I’ll start with my favorite!! FEET!!! Love pictures of feet! (Well, little feet anyway!)

I Heart Feet!!

This was the first one I took after he flopped on the backdrop! My kiddos are going to be little cheeses I can tell!

True story: Myles ran around the house the other day with this bucket completely over his head!! He of course crashed, but it was hysterical to watch!

Can you tell he’s under the weather, poor lad!

I love the natural light I get in this room!!

Very intent on his blocks!

And one more for the tootsies!

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