Lime green without the lime

I don’t have any “wintery” limey-shirts. Guess the little gnomes who make the clothes don’t think it’s a winter color. So alak, I’m just celebrating in spirit today. I’ve had a hard time in the past finding a good limey maternity shirt as well… something WILL have to be done about that, because I simply cannot be at summer camp and not able to participate in Lime-Green Thursday! 😉

Forget what I said about Myles having the RSV vaccine. I got it confused with something else. However, the doc doesn’t think it’s RSV. We did finally make it through the cold and snow yesterday to the doctor’s office. Strangely enough the doc who saw Myles noticed his Dad’s name on the chart and said, “I think your dad was one of my first patience way back when I first came here!” Wow! good memory, Doc! Poor little boy does not like going to doctors even when he isn’t going to get shots… guess he doesn’t know that. Though I can’t blame him, I don’t like strangers poking around on me either! He weighed in at 23lbs 4 oz. Had to have his oxygen levels checked and was NOT thrilled with the little thing on his big toe! Ha! 🙂 They listened to his lungs and said they sound good. Doc said he sounded “croupy” and prescribed a one dose steroid something, and also a 5 day course of anti-biotics because one of his ears looked suspicious. The nurse came in after to give him his one dose, and Myles immediately clamped his lips shut like a vice. Uh-uh, nothing doing. So I politely asked the nurse if I could give it to him and, surprisingly, she said sure. Sure enough as soon as the syringe was in my hand he opened right up. I gave it too him in halves so he wouldn’t spit it out, but after the first part he thought it tasted pretty nasty and wasn’t as willing the second time around. Mom’s are good at it though. 🙂 Down it went! Whew, and we were out-a there! I don’t care for doctor’s offices much more than the lads to be honest.

Anyway, after all of that it was off to the pharmacy and a 20 min wait for the prescription. Fortunately for US one of the pharmacists came out the side door while we were sitting there waiting and Myles gave her one of his most charming grins. She laughed out loud and said, “hello, grandson!!” Then she asked what we were waiting for and went back and zipped it right through! Awwww, so sweet! Helped restore my opinion of mankind after trying to navigate their awful parking lot!! 😉

So once we were all packed up and ready to finally turn our nose toward home, I made a slight detour to treat myself to some fried zucchini from Carl’s Jr. After all, if I could survive Wal-Mart (including standing in the “Customer Service” line for a return) AND the doctor’s office, AND the Pharmacy with a sick kido in tow, I felt I deserved it. 😉 And it was delish too! Someday I’m going to learn to make it myself!

Well, so we’re back at home, and all is well. Unfortunately due to the stressful effects of a long day yesterday including all of the above mentioned, I ended up with yet another migraine. I thought it was pretty well under control till all of a sudden it packed a wallop! So I took myself off to bed early and struggled to sleep for a LONG time. I got up this morning feeling somewhat better, though I can tell it’s still “lurking” in the shadows, so I’m guzzling water and trying my best to take it as easy as possible.

Myles is coughing MORE today, but I think it’s actually a good thing. I just hate to hear him cough, and it really wears him out, hence the morning nap he is taking, but it seems to be more productive now. Before it all seemed so congested and tight when he’d cough. It was painful to listen to. Just pray for my littlest lad to get well. Seems he’s had more than his fair share of colds and illness this winter season.

Hope y’all are having a swell day, and if YOU own any wintery limey themed clothes, or if your lucky enough to NOT have snow on the ground again, and can wear your springy limey stuff, then do so for me, okay? 😉

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