Follow Up Post

Ha! As if this is a reoccurring theme, but honestly I haven’t been dwelling on it THAT much. 😉 No I just came across this article on Zen Family Habits a blog I subscribe to, and thought I’d post it for you all just in case you hadn’t had enough of the “no one is a perfect parent” line of thought. 😀

So while I wait for my mint tea to steep I’ll tell you MY thoughts on it. This article is different from the other in that it’s not OTHERS expectations or projections that make us think we can’t be the “perfect” parent, but rather our own self-critisism about “doing it right!” I know I fall into this “Mommy Guilt” trap often myself. Because when I’m in the midst of an issue with one of my children, it sometimes seems that no matter what I do or how I attack the problem, nothing is working!! 🙂 I’ve talked to my friend, Mirm, about it many times. We find ourselves in the same boat, kid wise, frequently and it’s nice to bounce thoughts off of each other. Anyway, one time while talking we touched on the fact that we do have to stop and look back to really see that there have been successes. Life moves too fast with the little ones, and we’re always on to the next character or behavior issue before we have time to see that there really was progress in that last one we worked on. 🙂 I’ve been trying to do that more. Look back and see the progress we’ve made. It really helps when I’m in the midst of trying to deal with something else that has me feeling, “What am I doing wrong???”

For what it’s worth there you have my thoughts. 🙂 Hope you get a chance to read the article. I thought it was worth the time. Besides it’s from a ‘zen’ site so of course it’s pretty short, not like that last epistle I linked ya to. 😉 Toodles!

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