More fun!

Too bad for you all I’m going to be pestering you with photos all the time now that I have a flickr pro account AND all this fun photography stuff to play with. 🙂 Anyway, the lads and I had a very quick impromptu photo shoot this afternoon. I didn’t realize till I had uploaded my photos that I had set the exposure way down, but that’s just a lesson in always, always, always check your settings!!! They’re darker, but not bad. Hope you enjoy them like I did. 🙂

Happy viewing!

This little cheesester likes to pose, can you tell?

I got Myles to actually SIT for a moment or two, but looking at the camera… not so much!

Love this one!

Love this one too!! I was thrilled to actually get a looking at the camera smile!


Uh-oh. Guess I’m wearing him out!

One of my favorite faces in the world!

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