Black and White

Those are my new backdrop colors! They came in today from Amazon, our favorite shopping place, and I’ve been having a blast setting it up and of course taking photos! I almost feel sorry for my lads as they are bound to be my subject matter in many photos! Here’s just one of the shots I took today…. oh well, maybe I’ll give you more than one. This lens is fantastic! I’m loving it!!


As you can see from the bed-hair this photo shoot was just after nap time. 🙂 And yes, I did bribe them with fruit snacks too. Ha ha!! Oh and Myles found a water bottle left by his Grandpa, and refused to put it down for anything! Still, I think they’re cutie-patuties!


These were just too sweet with both the lads. It’s amazing how relaxed and ready they were to have fun while we where doing this as opposed to Sears portraits. I’m thinking hasta la vista FOREVER to Sears and JC Penny and ESPECIALLY Wal-Mart portrait studios. 😉

Best buds!

So that was my fun for today. That and rearranging furniture. 😉 My mom scolded me, but sometimes ya just have to do it! I was ready for a change.

The sun was out this afternoon and it was warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket! The lads got thoroughly dirty climbing up and ROLLING down the little hill. But it looked like such fun! I had to intervene in the fun though once they decided to start eating dirt clods. Gross!!! They got plopped promptly in the tub when we came inside before dinner before play and all of that. I didn’t vacuum the floor for nothing today! 😉

Well, in a rather random way that’s what’s been going on ’round here. We’re having fun, and still looking forward to more stable warmer weather. Toodles!

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