Prego Musings

I haven’t really been in the mood to blog recently. I feel lousy in the evenings and that is when I mostly am online. BUT that’s no excuse. 🙂 I will lose my precious few readers if I don’t do my duty by them. Ha ha ha!! Yes, I have evening sickness. It’s not SO bad, but I do feel icky for the better part of the afternoon worsening into evening when I finally take myself off to bed to sleep it off. 🙂 I can’t complain because I know so many people who have had it WAY worse, and that’s got to be hard. Still I will enjoy it once the second trimester kicks in and I can feel energetic enough to keep up with my lads.

Some interesting things I’ve been thinking of concerning pregnancy lately.

Black licorice doesn’t necessarily make morning sickness better for me, but the lads like it. Only problem is that it becomes quite a mess with Myles. Ick!! He ends up looking like a very bad tobacco chewer, and his shirt and anything else near him is completely slimed.

The ONLY time I ever “feel” like sleeping on my tummy is when I’m pregnant. How ironic!

I have the WEIRDEST dreams when I’m pregnant…. don’t even ask about Big Bird!

My super-duper sense of smell does not do well for my queasies. EVERYTHING stinks!! I’ve Fabreezed the house, and tried to get rid of anything “smelly” but I do live with 3 guys… guess I’ll keep them around anyway! 🙂

I gained 5 pounds, but then lost one, yay!! 🙂 I was way too flabby to begin with starting out, drat being so lazy last Fall, so I’m looking forward to the second trimester and warmer weather to get in my habit of walking again.

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m thinking of a nice warm bed and fluffy pillows, and not many mid-night potty breaks. 🙂 Here’s hoping! Good night!

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