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This week is HANDS week on i heart faces!! Yay, because I LOVE to get hands and feet shots! 🙂 I had quite a hard time actually deciding which photo to use! I had so many that I really really liked, but probably some of them were “had to be there” moments that don’t really come across well in a photo contest picture. Anyway, I settled on this one. I love the shot, but mostly because I love to see my hubby interact with our kids. This was one of the times when Stuart was “helping” Myles do sit ups, one of his favorite activities with tiny infants. Myles was really gripping his dad’s thumb as he’d pull himself up. I’m so glad I snapped this one of just their hands during that play time, because it’s a very sweet memory. So here it is. My “hand” entry for the week. Father and Son!

Father and Son

You can see more awesome pictures of hands by following the link! Ta ta

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