And Again

I enjoyed reading this post today! It was neat to think about “becoming a mother” through the “everydayness” of mommyhood. I liked it, you should read it too. However, I’d like to add a few more to her list.

When your littlest love blows and wipes his snotty nose all over your shirt, and your thankful that at least it wasn’t your face this time! 😉

When you rush in at 2:30am to the screams of your toddler only to find that he can’t really figure out “what” is wrong and finally settles on “Sing me Sunshine.” Arg!!! I’d rather be sleeping, but instead I sing, as softly as possible so as not to wake the other night terror.

When someone gets a “hurt” and comes right over for a Mommy kiss because they KNOW that is the best medicine!

Gently explaining to your 2 yr old that his “Lightning McQueen pillow” had to be washed and he’ll just have to have a boring green one for a little while.

When after your 2 lads have been playing SO nicely in their room, they come out with “wotion” on their faces. Only the lotion is really Balmex!

Smiling to myself because one child went from whining to laughing hysterically in less than a second because the other was chasing him. Then deciding that it was such a fun game they needed to continue running for the next 10 min. Hey, I’m a fan of laps, they promote good sleep!

When a little boy just wants to “sit with you” which translates to snuggling up in your lap while you get to hold him! I love it when that happens!

Tummy tickles, wrestling on the floor, watching Daddy play “horse,” building with mega blocks, pretending to be kitty.

I suppose there are a million things I could write here, but they all add up to one very thankful heart for getting to be a Mommy. Of all the titles I could possibly have that’s got to sound the best!

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