Well, I figure it’s time to update y’all on the recent cute antics of the lads. 😉 When they aren’t barfing and throwing fits they’re really pretty fun. 😀 We bit the bullet and have been putting the boys down for bedtime in the same room. Before we’d been putting Myles down in our room then transferring him once Qade was asleep. Well, that’s not going to fly this summer at camp, but I’d been putting it off. I think that I’m the most resistant to change when it comes to ‘what works’ for us. Ha! Not willing to add any extra battles to my day even if it would be a big pay off in the end. BUT it hasn’t proven to be nearly as bad as I expected. Myles still goes to bed first, and then we have our story time and wind down with Qade in the living room before he goes down. There has been a couple of nights where Qade thought it would be a great idea to wake up his brother and have a jumping party in the crib, but that gets shut down really fast! Besides Myles is usually NOT in the mood for partying at that point. 😉 So it’s going good, and I’m encouraged, but not at all willing to try it with naps yet. Ugh!

Myles words are coming along nicely. He actually has quite a few and mimics just about anything you’d say to him. One thing that just makes me smile is his very hearty “Take-oo” whenever I say “There you go!” So after diaper change, or giving him a cup, or helping him get on the horse (Daddy) I’ll say, “There you go” and he’ll reply with gusto “Take-oo!!” So cute! He says and signs for please. He also says shoes, but it sounds like “zoose” and he’s ALWAYS excited about those because it means that we won’t be going bye-bye without him. He has settled solidly into his phase of “must have mommy!” and if he sees me put my shoes on, or sunglasses or anything that might indicated I’m leaving, he will plant himself in front of the door and say “bye-bye!” very pathetically. Poor lad. He’s usually fine within moments of being left, but it still makes me feel bad. Not bad enough to stay, but ya know. 😉 Myles also says his own name. This morning while I was changing him, he pointed to his belly and said “wha-at?” I told him it was his tummy, but then he said “My-a” which is as close to Myles has he’s gotten. 🙂 We sometimes play a game where I’ll point to me and say “Mommy” then point to him and say “Myles” cute! Have I told you he’s obsessed with his toothbrush? Well he’ll carry it around slobbing it for hours. It’s major freak out if one of us takes it from him too, let me tell ya!

Qade seems to be getting more “big boy” by the day. Hopefully that will transfer over to potty training when we start it up again in a few weeks. *sigh* I’m not excited about it, but perhaps that’ll change. He still hasn’t shown the least interest in going in the potty again, but we’ll see. I’d SO like to have him day-time dry by camp, but that might be too optimistic. Anyway, he sill loves to “esercize” with us, and has his own exercise mat that he hops around on. He sings “Sunshine” to me if I ask him, and he’s getting more and more of the words. Also the other day when he was sitting at the table waiting for dinner I heard him hum through the entire alphabet song ON KEY! 🙂 While playing with his “bike” in his grandparents back yard the other day he told me, “I need to move my vehicle.” Ha! Only he said “behicle.” He is doing much better these days at playing nicely with his brother. This “nice” play usually includes spreading toys with a million pieces all over the floor, but at least they’re getting along. Plus he’s also very good at cleaning up these messes, thankfully! Qade’s favorite imaginary game to play these days is to pretend he is a kitty or a dog. It’s usually a kitty. He’ll crawl around on all 4’s and talk in a high squeaky voice, which is annoying but it’s not the same as whining. 😉 He’s been doing this a lot more since we brought Liam home.

Well, I suppose I should stop. I can’t tell you every fun thing that they do just like I couldn’t tell you about every rough moment. 🙂 Glad for you, but if you ever want a really good sample you’re welcome to come visit. 🙂 Have a great Lime-green Thursday!

P.S. While writing this ode to my great boys, Qade crawled up on the table and got the salt and pepper shakers which he kindly shared with his little brother who sat on the floor happily shaking the salt out all over his pants and the floor. 🙂 Happy times!

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