I’ve been dealing with disgusting things all day. Blah! One of those days where you know, if it were possible, you’d hire out certain parts of mommying! Fortunately, I did in a way. Cause actually it all started YESTERDAY.
We spent the weekend at my inlaw’s home and had a great time. Stu and I were able to have a Valentine dinner on Saturday sans kids! Yay! We ate a ton too much at the Texas Roadhouse, but my oh my, was it good!!! Then Sunday we were able to present the camp at a baby church that was started by some friends of my family. They actually attended the church my dad pastored while they were in AZ. It was almost like a time warp because quite a few of the people at this new church were ones that I grew up attending church with. De ja vous!!
Unfortunately come Sunday afternoon Myles was have diaper issues. Issues that sent us through WAY more diapers than we normally use, and consequently I had to make a trip to the store for more, AND more wipes this morning. But I was hoping that was the only trouble… no such luck. This morning though, I slept in, so I missed the first couple of dramas. Apparently Myles woke up and had a BLOW OUT diaper, even in his “overnight” huggies! So my hubaroo and my thoughtful mom-in-law, plunked him in the tub and scrubbed him up. Then at breakfast, apparently he spit up. Only… it wasn’t just spit up or “burp” as Qade calls it…. it was puke. Yep, and this wasn’t the last time. After I finally emerged onto the scene he had a second episode. *sigh* Sick kids and car seats do not make a good mix in my experience, but we had to come home today so….
Fast forward to about an hour down the road. Lunch all over again. I nearly didn’t make it through that clean up. 🙁 Ugh!!! But the poor boy, I just felt so bad for him. I felt pretty bad for the rest of us too as we had a very distinct aroma travel with us the rest of the way. I kept the vent blowing right on my face even though it made me cold.
Well, we had to stop and get groceries, so the time in the store was a respite from the ickyness of the vehicle. I half expected to hear of another horror story from Stu when I got out, but the lad made it through. While unloading groceries into the car I jabbed my finger on one of the packages and got a paper cut UNDER my nail!!! Owie!!!!!
Finally we made it home. The first thing I saw when I walked into the house was a pile of cat puke ON THE TABLE!!! I garnished some rubber gloves and a bunch of disinfectant wipes and blitzed that mess before bringing the boys in.
I put the stinky lad in the tub and held my breath while scrubbing him down for his second time today. We had a late dinner and as of right now everything has stayed where it is supposed to. Myles will be spending the night in our room in case he needs attention in the night.
I got the lads to bed, and while I was brushing Qade’s teeth I watched as the cat somehow managed to contort himself in a way that allowed him to drink from the toilet. He then hoped into the tub and scratched the bottom a couple times before relieving himself right there!! WHAT!!! Who taught him THAT??? So I then put the shower on HOT and let it run in the tub for awhile. Gross…. On a day when I have to deal with a puking, nasty diaper filling child, I should not ALSO have to deal with a cat’s issues.
Oh brother.
So, needless to say, my stomach (which is NOT made of steel) isn’t feeling too hot this evening. BUT I’m quite sure it’s from all the carnage, and nothing more serious. Lets just hope that we can have a peaceful, clean, nice smelling night. And there’s NO WAY I’m letting that cat sleep on MY bed tonight!

P.S. Hope I didn’t gross ya out too much. 😉

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