At the end of the day…

…. when every last shred of patience has left me. When there is a sink full of dirty dishes. When there are crumbs on the floor from the meals of the day. When there is a dryer full of clothes to fold. When two little boys have spent the majority of the last half hour crying. When I haven’t had a shower. When my stomach hurts. When I wonder how I will EVER cope once “homeschooling” starts as I can’t seem to get on top of things NOW! When it’s just been “one of those days” at least for the last few hours (they’re what count, right?) It’s nice to have a little boy who though he was acting like a hoodlum only minutes before, will see you lie on the couch and come give you a kiss and “Sing Sunshine” to you. 🙂 It went like this “You are sunshine, you are sunshine, I love you, sunshine away.” Then he proceeded to hum a verse for me too. 😉 I usually sing it twice to him and then hum through once as he is settling in for the night. So sweet! Then he walked into the dining room, saw the yet uncleaned up table and came back to say, “Thank you lunch, Mommy.” Heart meltage right there! 😀 Ahhhh… guess the day hasn’t been so bad after all.

Of course… there’s still bed time. (dum-de-dum-dum!) 😉

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