Meet Liam

Well, here I am! Did you notice I was missing? Probably not. 🙂 We took an impromptu get-a-way for the weekend so the lads could spend time with their grandparents, and we could get a different view. It was fun! On our little ramble we happened to go to the humane society and we found…..

Drum roll…..


He was already named and it stuck. We looked at several cats, they did have quite a selection. BTW that place was AMAZING!!! I thought all humane societies were nasty, smelly, dirty places like the one closest to us, but not so! It totally took us by surprise. Anyway, we kept coming back to Liam, and so decided he was THE ONE! However when we went to get the papers started we discovered that he was on “stray hold.” That means he had a family before, but got lost or something, and they had to keep him for certain days in case the family claimed him. *sigh* But they said it was “up” the very next day! Only then he would need to be “fixed” and all that great stuff. So we revisited some of the other cat options, but just couldn’t get Liam out of our head. We decided to pre-adopt him and then work out the details. As Stu had to be back for work, we opted for me and the lads to stay a couple days more for some extra spoiling while we waited for everything to work out. It went swimmingly! No owners showed up, surgery went well (poor guy), cat ready for pick up and voila! we have our kitty. 🙂
My dad drove us, cat and all, to meet Stuart this afternoon and we’re now all one big happy family again. Liam chewed his way out of the cardboard box we had him in before we were even out of town, and spent his car ride either on my lap or ON TOP of the box between the boys in back. That had me nervous for a little while because I didn’t know how his temperament would be with the stress of being moved in the car with two lads trying to pet him. He was awesome though. He didn’t mind being touched at all and in fact spent a little time half sprawled on Myles legs. CUTE! Myles very seriously studied him while he was that close, but was extremely gentle when touching him. Yay!!
Liam is settling in well. He doesn’t seem “freaked out” at all by the house or anything. He has spent much of the evening exploring, but when it turned out to be basically a house he chose the comfiest chair and took a good cat nap. 🙂
Hope you’re having a swell week. Toodles!
P.S. I got behind on my photo blog due to being out of town, but I DID take pics so if you want to see them just head over to my flickr page.

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