Another Day

Except this day is SUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNY!!! Woo-Hoo! I was going to have to beat my head on the walls if we had another dull day! Plus we have company and that’s fun. Qade and Myles are having a grand time with their Grandparents Noggle. Auntie Tiff and Aiden were supposed to come yesterday as well, but the nasty icy roads prevented them by making the car slide off!!! Thankfully everyone was okay, and the only damage was the bumper being pulled off. Mendable for sure! Well, I believe they are going to “give it a go” again today, so hopefully since it’s SUNNY they will be able to make it just fine. Qade will have a blast playing with Aiden. He talks about him often but doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time with him.

This weekend we are celebrating Masona’s 83rd birthday!! I made some “can’t leave em alone bars” and Ina is fixing pasoli stew. Others are bringing other lovely delights and the feasting will be great! I bought Masona a “hoops and yo-yo” card that yells “Happy Birthday!” when you open it up 😀

Last night Stu and I took advantage of the Grand-babysitters and went to a basketball game at the high school. Our little “town” is really hard up for entertainment and even harder put to find a good babysitter. 🙂 So we took advantage of both options. The games were fun. Stu knows most of the students so he would pass along little tid-bits of information about them while we watched. The JV girls game was really close, but the Varsity boys got totally spanked. 😀 Oh well, it was fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I need to go deal with a very grumpy child. 😉 Ta-ta!

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