Things they never tell you…

Yesterday I was trimming Myles’ very long nails when BAM suddenly one nail popped right up and into my eye!! Yeeeeooooowwwwch! I had to go look in a mirror to extract it, and man did that hurt! I don’t’ remember reading about that in the baby books. 😉

They never tell you that your child will develop a “thing” for any product in a tube since you used lotions and baby rash cream to entertain him during diaper changes. They never tell you he will cary tubes around for hours chewing on them. Yuck!

They never tell you that your little one is going to find it oh-so-hilarious to put his slobbery jaws over your NOSE and completely slime your face in the process. They also don’t say that since it IS so funny, this child will do it again and again any time you happen to be lying on the floor and he has wrestled you down. Ha ha ha! I have no idea why Myles does this, but it grosses me out and cracks me up at the same time. At least he doesn’t bite!

They never tell you that you will actually encourage your children to jump on the furniture by moving the coffee table closer to the couch so that your 15 month old can “copy” his big brother. 🙂 Or that you’ll cheer them on from the side lines thinking what wonderfully coordinated kids you have. 😉

They never tell you that your sweet babies will have go-go-gadget arms and be able to reach just about everything you think you have put out of reach. Or that you’ll be digging your earrings out of your toddler’s mouth because he “managed” to reach that box you set on the steps “out of reach” ha!

There’s lots of things the baby books won’t tell you. If I had enough energy, I’d write them down and create a book myself so that other mommies won’t say, “they never told me!” But even if we had been told about EVERYTHING, especially the gross stuff, we’d still think it was well worth it to hear that little voice say, “I wuv YOU more!” 🙂

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