That’s what we have here. I’m so sick of the inside walls of this house!! It’s “sprinkling” right now, which if it continues is bound to turn to snow… or mud. Either is unwelcome at this point. When my family moved to AZ when I was 13 we were coming from COLD Colorado and were SO amazed that we could go outside with NO COAT in February!! 🙂 So what’s up with global warming and suddenly AZ is the arctic? I think I’m just stir crazy right now. I NEED adult interaction!! Playing with my lads is great fun, but being cooped up is not. I start to feel like a zombie just cleaning, changing, dressing, cleaning, dishes, laundry, changing, cooking, over and over and over again. Yesterdays little excursion into the snow was refreshing for me and the lads, but they don’t have snow pants so we can’t stay out too long. And anyway, I don’t like to be cold. 🙂 I want some “horrible, wholesome sunshine” and the warmth that goes with it. Is that too much to ask?? I mean it IS almost February after all and we DO live in Arizona after all. 🙂 Maybe…..
P.S. That apple that Myles was eating in the last post, the only thing we ever recovered was the stem. 🙂 Fiber anyone?

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