Bright, bright, sunshiny day!

That’s what we have here. It’s even brighter because it’s reflected off of all the white sparkly snow, except where it’s muddy and slimmy, but that’s a different story. 🙂 Today school was canceled and Stu was home, so I took the opportunity to jaunt into town to do our muchly needed shopping. It was SO nice to FINALLY get out of the house even if it was to go to Wal-Mart. 🙂 Well, first I went to the Humane Society to adopt a kitty. I found a really sweet little Tabby that was BEGGING to come home with me, but when I went to fill out the ‘rescue’ papers I was informed the fee was $75 to adopt. *GULP* So I called my hub and asked if he thought rescuing a cat was worth that, and while on the phone the folks said oh no, it was actually $55. I could have stomached that one, but Stu still thinks it was too high, considering our last kitty we paid $35 to adopt. *sigh* I miss her. So I regretfully told the dudes that we’d find a cat elsewhere. It’s unfortunate. They charge people to drop of the animals there, you’d think that if they are really trying to get people to “rescue” these animals they could be more reasonable. 🙁 So all of that to tell you, we are still kitty-less.

But I made it to the store, and was only slightly put out when they just DIDN’T HAVE things that were on my list. Grrrrr… that WM is the MOST agrivating place in the country, seriously. I mean, they didn’t even have a Magic Eraser. I had to go across town to a Walgreens to find one. BUT I have it now and will shortly be attempting to remove the designer decorations Qade left us. He’s so proud of them too. Whenever he sees it he’ll tell us, “I draw!” Last night he was writing on some paper scraps in Stu’s office and he “signed” his own hands (both of them). This morning at breakfast when he saw the “writing” on his hands he pointed to each one saying, “My name, my name!” Cute lad, but oh-so-dangerous!! 🙂

Anyway, I made it home in time for Stu to take the trash to the dump, and for me to put the lads to bed. One is down, and one is finishing up his apple and will shortly be down. I think this is the first time that Myles has ever had a WHOLE apple. I kinda gave it too him just to keep him occupied while I put the groceries away, but he’s been working steadily at it for the last, oh, hour now. 🙂 Pretty much all that is left is a gooey glob, but I know he’s going to fight me for it when I insist on taking it away. Perhaps that’s why I’m on the computer blogging instead of putting him down for a nap which I’m sure he needs. 😉
Well, hope your Monday is going swell and that you are having a bright sunshiny day as well! Ta-ta!

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