Where oh where has our sippy cups gone?

How is it that we can have an entire cupboard of sippy cups and then suddenly one day *poof* they all go AWOL???? I do not understand that phenomenon. Qade has “hid” his cups in random places before only to be found later full of cottage cheese… it was originally milk- sick! Lately though, he’s much better about it. Now I’m having issues with keeping Myles in cups. Okay, so the first one wasn’t actually HIS fault. The dishwasher is so amazing and powerful that it blasted one of the cup lids down to the bottom where it melted through on the heat element. *sigh* So we were one down. Now even though I say there’s a whole cupboard full, because it seems that way, we actually had the perfect number to always have a cup available while others were in the wash… now we didn’t. I diligently looked at Safeway when I was shopping after church on Sunday but all they had were princess cups. Myles surely wouldn’t have minded, and maybe even thought it was cool, but I will NOT give my lads a princess cup, oh no! I could have begged Stuart to go to Wal-Mart so I could pick up some boy-themed cups, but I didn’t want to fight the crowd and I figured we could still “get by” till the next trip in. Was I ever wrong! The minute we got home that afternoon, the other sippy cup, that had safely made it to town and back with us, just up and vanished!! I have looked EVERYWHERE, and cannot find that missing cup. So Qade has been very kindly sharing his cups with Myles. I think Qade gets a kick out of it actually. Fortunately Qade drinks out of a ‘regular’ cup at mealtimes, so his sippys are not in as high demand. Still I’ve been having a time keeping enough cups clean for everyone.

On top of all this, Myles has apparently given up milk. 🙁 Qade went through this phase too, but it was right after switching him from formula. Myles has been such a champ at milk drinking, I thought we had passed that phase. BUT he has very firmly decided that he prefers juice. And, sad story, I have been giving him lots of juice too. Arg!! The problem is that he’s been sick for several weeks, and I’ve been trying to keep the lad hydrated. Water he WILL NOT have, and milk he just takes a couple sips. But put a little juice in his cup and he can’t get enough. Sadly the poor lad will have to go through withdrawal soon. I don’t want him sucking down juice 24/7. So it’s going to be ice water for all here pretty soon. He can have a cup of juice in the afternoon when he gets up from his naps, and it’ll be milk at breakfast and lunch, water any other time. 🙂 We’ll see how that goes.

If I could ever get him well it might make a difference! He had a dreadful cold for about 2 weeks before he started getting better. Then yesterday when I put him down for his morning nap, he was throwing a HUGE fit because, of all things, I didn’t give him juice! So I don’t know if that’s why he got sick… make himself gag because he was so upset. When I went to get him up from his nap the very unpleasant aroma of vomit greeted me. Ick!!! Poor guy had plastered himself against the opposite end of the crib from the “ucky” and when I walked in he sat up, started to fuss and pointed to the “mess” at the other side. I felt so bad for him, but it was kind of humorous that he felt the need to “tell me” about it and actually point it out. 😀 I kept a special eye on him all day and last night he spent the night in our room. No more sickies, so hopefully it was just a fluke. I did finally figure out today that his little eye teeth are coming in. That could be a factor in all of this too. Low grade temp today, fussiness, clinginess. I just want the poor guy to get better!

Qade has continued to do “esersize” with Stuart and me. He has his own little exercise mat and his very own water bottle. Sometimes I give him watered down gatorade in it which he calls his “aligator” ha! It’s hysterical to watch him bounce around on his mat and kick his legs in the air. If I wasn’t so busy jumping around myself and still trying to breathe and “keep my core tight” I’d get it on video. 🙂 I’ll probably need to take a break one night and get it anyway, it’s too cute! He’s also a great coach. When he isn’t actually exercising himself he’ll walk back and forth between me and Stu, pat our arms and say, “Good job, Mommy!” and “Good job esersizing, Daddy!” What a little encourager. Oh, yesterday after Myles got sick, I had him in his high chair so I could clean up (gag) and Qade brought him every little book and toy he could find. It was all piled up on Myles’ tray, but I thought it was sweet that he was attempting to bring comfort to his little brother since he had “burped” as Qade would say. 😉

So that’s what we’ve been up to. The wind is wailing around the house and it’s very gloomy out right now. I’m so ready for summer I can almost taste it! 🙂 Hope you’ve been having a swell week! Ta-ta!