Strange things are hapnin’

So tonight our darling, sweet son, Myles, has his first ever (I think) screaming, fit, meltdown. Guess why? Water. Yep, the lad wanted juice, of course, and instead got ice water, and so did Qade. Qade thought the ice water was pretty cool especially since he could see the ice floating in the cup. Myles on the other hand was NOT impressed and promptly began letting me know in very unmistakable tones. And if the screaming didn’t cut it, he also threw his cup a couple of times just for emphasis. Well, littlest buddy soon found himself where all good fit-throwers do, in bed. Yep, in his room with the light on, but no company. Poor guy. It was actually pretty hard on me, because he so seldom has issues like this… like I said, I think this was his first massive fit. So once he finally popped in the thumb and stopped screaming at the top of his lungs I went in to comfort him, and me. Well, he wanted down immediately and “talking” to me the whole time made his way straight back to the scene of the crime, and commenced a repeat performance. What in the world?!? So I put his cup “up high” and rocked him because the thumb popped right back in. THEN an amazing thing happened. Qade wandered over to us with his cup of water which Myles reached for. Hmmmm… thought I, then asked Qade if he would let Myles have a sip. I was totally expecting Myles would throw Qade’s cup the same way he threw his, but when Qade gave it to him, he started slurping water like it was the best thing he’d ever had! Talk about one astonished Mommy! I still can’t figure it out. They are both on their second cup of water, switched cups, and doing just fine. Go figure. I guess sometimes it just takes a little big brother know how. 🙂