Today I’m not doing a “not-me-monday” post. Because today doesn’t even feel like a “Monday” so I’ll enjoy the nice feeling while it lasts. 🙂 Perhaps the whole week will be not-mondays! Wouldn’t that be spectacular? Thanks to MLKJ Stuart gets to be home today and I’m very thankful for that. I’m thankful for civil rights and thankful for our country. There’s lots of things that need to change still, and hopefully we will have men and women who believe in right enough to take a stand and say so. That was free…

Right now one lad is outside “helping” his dad. The other lad is in his bed sleeping blissfully. I’m listening to the gentle hum of the washer, dishwasher and soon the whir of the bread machine will be added to the mix as well. Yay for machines to do the dirty work for ya! 🙂 I’ve been reading this book that Stuart found for me off of It’s called “Pioneer Women” and it’s a compilation of a lot of memoirs from the women pioneers settling Kansas. I’ve always been enamored with that “era” and like to heroically think that I would have SO loved to be a pioneer/wagon trainer or something. But the truth is, it was a hard life and required constant sun-up to sun-down year round work just to barely eek a living out of that uncut land. It’s been totally glamorized by movies and songs and such, but it wouldn’t have been a “buggy ride” of a time, that’s for sure! Anyway, just reading about the things they had to do to get by on a daily basis makes me very thankful for the “modern conveniences” that we get spoiled by. And here we still can’t “find time” for everything even though we don’t have to do laundry over a hot bucket, or knead dough by hand and bake it in a wood stove box, or gather “chips” for burning fuel. (YUCK!!) Anyway…. that was free too. 🙂

We’ve got a pretty hefty storm heading our way, so they say. Snow forecast for most of the week. Stuart is outside chopping wood now so that we can stay nice and toasty warm. His new saw is scheduled to arrive today and he’s really looking forward to that! It’ll make cutting wood a lot quicker that’s for sure! I’m not looking forward to more snow. I enjoy watching it fall and it is SO pretty, but I’m actually ready for warmer weather so me and the lads can run off some energy outside each day. I’m glad that Qade is out there riding his “bike” right now, cause he needs it! Poor Myles was SO sad when he realized that he wasn’t going to get to go out too. 🙁 I bundled Qade up and Myles was all excited and wanting to go too, but he’s been down with this cold too recently to risk much time out in the cold. Poor lad. I really did feel very bad for him.

Well, the bread machine isn’t going to load itself and we do need some fresh baked bread today. Mmmmmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Stuart says he never wants to go back to ‘store bought’ bread again. There really is a difference. 🙂 The bread I usually make for us is “King’s Hawaiian Bread” and it’s got a sweet/fruity type of flavor… just a touch though, and it’s SO yummy with REAL butter slathered over it. Ahhhhhh…. love carbs! Okay, so enough of this random rambling. Hope you all are having a great Monday. Toodles!

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