Ears have heard

Recently in our house these are some things ears have heard…
“Don’t worry, Mom” (didn’t think I would hear that one THIS early!) ~Qade
“Cackr” ~Myles
“Okay, Mommy!” ~Qade
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” ~Qade (this of course was in response to a time out)
“Qade NOT whining!” ~Qade (the answer to the question, *Gasp* “Are you whining?” ha)
“Myles whining.” ~Qade (he does feel compelled to let us know when his baby brother is whining)
“It’s okay, Myles” ~ Qade (comforting the littlest lad, so sweet)
“Ah-Duh!” ~Myles (this is said loudly and often whenever he feels he should be released from his high chair)
“Da-duh” ~Myles (his cutie-pie version of “thank you”)
“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I wanna show you somethin'” ~Qade (he was VERY excited about showing me something, but I don’t think he had the “something” in mind first, because we looked around for quite awhile before we found something)
“Mommy, “wotion” popped” ~Qade (sure enough I went to his room where some lotion had indeed “popped” all over the wall, dresser and floor)
“Hiiiiyyyyy” ~Myles (he says hi every time he hasn’t seen us for a little bit, after nap, in the morning, when Stu gets home from work)
“Ewww, Gross!” ~Qade (he was copying Mommy’s reaction to the nasty stuff being cleaned behind the bathroom faucet)

Our lads are quite vocal these days. Qade is so fun to talk with, and Myles is mimicking words like crazy!! I love hearing the voices of my little boys. Even when they are loud and screaming voices, I’m still thankful that they are here in my family now. 🙂

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