Four Eyes

That’s me today. I took my contacts out last night and didn’t feel like putting a new pair in today, so I busted out the glasses. 🙂 I do NOT like wearing glasses. I don’t see as well, it annoys me to have something on my face, they get schmoozed WAY too easily (especially with 20 grubby fingers flailing around me all day- besides my own!) and well… I just don’t like to. Today I did though. It was the first thing Monkey #1 noticed this morning when I went into their room. “Wearin’ gasses, Mommy?” “Yes, Qade, Mommy is wearing glasses.” Then I went to get Myles out of his bed and he just kept giving me this stare like I had painted my face green or something. It was hilarious, because normally he’s very talkative while I’m getting him out of bed, but he was much to intent in figuring out what in the world was up with Mommy’s face this morning for idle conversation.
Speaking of glasses, I’m not sure I mentioned before but Qade and Myles both got sunglasses in their stockings which we opened on Christmas Eve. We took some pictures had some fun, and then *poof* Qade’s glasses were gone. I couldn’t find them anywhere, and I actually looked! I looked in all the “usual” stashing spots and even some that I thought might be new, but to no avail. I figured he must have just tossed them in the trash with some wrapping or something. Yesterday, low and behold, they turned up! The lads were messing with my pictures and books on the book shelf (naughty naughty!) and suddenly I heard Qade say, “gasses!” Sure enough he had stashed them behind one of my pictures. Glad he found them because as often as I dust we would have bought him a new pair before they were discovered! 😉 So the boys got big belly laughs out of wearing their glasses around in the house and chasing each other. 😀
Cute Myles-ism for today. I usually hum to Myles as I’m putting him to bed. Recently he has started humming back or if I’m not humming, he’ll hum to remind me I should be. So stinkin’ cute!
Cute Qade-ism today. Qade fell off the couch and apparently “hurt my sum” (thumb) but while I was comforting him and he was crying, I coughed, and he asked me through his tears, “You okay, Mom?” Awwwww…. then he asked for “ice” for his “sum” and then it was all better. 🙂
Happy Wednesday night!

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