Chapel of the Rocks

Happy Tuesday, Friends! It’s hard to believe that in a very short time we will be watching 2009 run away and welcome 2010! I have a post I’m working on with my “resolves” for the new year. I like to share some of those because it helps me to feel more accountable knowing that YOU (whomever you may be) know about it. 🙂 Hopefully it will provide the motivation I desperately need to follow through.
BUT I still have a couple of days to be lazy, as much as a house and 2 kids will allow, so I’m taking FULL advantage of that! Sipping coffee till 10am, wearing my cozy slippers, and letting the boys spread their toys all over the house. 😀 I am, however, still doing dishes and laundry because I know that if I let those slip I’ll be playing “catch up” well into the new year. 😉
SO the other week we got to spend a few nights at a resort in Sedona. It’s an interesting story actually… one of my Facebook friends contacted me because her parents had some vacation points that they used to reserve this resort. However something happened and the friends who WERE going to use it were unable to. So they were looking for someone to use the reservation so it wouldn’t be wasted. Well, who wouldn’t jump at a chance like that? 😉 Besides Sedona is some amazingly beautiful rock country. So me and my ever-looking-for-a-good-photo-op, mind were very excited to go. We had a great time! One evening Stu and I visited the Chapel of the Rocks. It’s an amazing building looking like it’s just sprung out of the red rocks!! We came across it right at sundown, so the lighting was pretty amazing to get the colors of the rocks and all. Here’s a couple of the shots we got. I also ‘chatted’ with a lady we saw there because she had around her neck a nifty black strap with yellow letters that said Nikon. 🙂 Instant bond right there. 😉 So we talked shop while we snagged some great shots. 🙂 It’s not as hard to talk to people when you have something in common.
P1010225 (1)

These two were probably my favorite out of the ones we took. Stuart was using our point and shoot and I had the D300. The above was one he got, and the next one was mine. 🙂 I personally did the editing, but not much, they were nice right off the camera. 🙂


There you go. Pretty country! We want to go back sometime when it’s a tad warmer and hike around a bit. It’s just amazing up there!
Well, hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Ta-ta!