Hello friends and fellow Monday Sufferers. 🙂 I love doing not-me-mondays because it’s such a nice break from the reality of Monday. THIS Monday, however I’m having a delicious day because Stuart and his folks took the lads over to Great-Grandparent Noggle’s home for breakfast.
So on this NOT ME Monday I did NOT sleep in till 8:30, luxuriously hogging the WHOLE bed. AAAAAHHHHHHH!
I did NOT take my time getting ready, enjoy a whole bowl of Lucky Charms without having to share a bite, and sip wonderful Santa’s White Christmas coffee. Not me.
After that comfy morning all by myself, my little mommy’s heart did NOT melt when my 14 month old saw me and came running with squeals to get a hug. I wasn’t totally enthralled in his non-stop babble as he “told” me all about his morning adventures. 🙂
Previously I did NOT give both my lads chocolate covered pretzels just to get them out of the kitchen only to find schmoozed chocolate on the living room furniture.
I did NOT totally ignore the “traditional” Christmas “feast” and feed my lads spaghetti-o’s on Christmas. 🙂
I also did NOT do 4 loads of laundry Christmas afternoon because we didn’t have a stitch of clean clothing left in our house. Ha ha!
I DID NOT enjoy one of the BEST Christmases ever watching my little lads experience the joys of giving, and especially receiving (ha ha) gifts!
Hope you all have NOT been up to lots of fun thing too!
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