I Heart Faces (out-takes week)

I’m entering some photos that I personally think are funny to the I ? Faces challenge this week. “Out takes” to me are when something unexpected happens while taking photos and end up making them funny. 🙂 So without further ado… the pics. Oh, and I’m allowed to enter 5 this time around. Let me know which one YOU think is funniest. 😉

This one is of my brother being a goof when we were testing out the flash for a family photo. 🙂
DSC_6754 (1)

Next is Qade tripping over his Daddy’s legs. I happened to have the camera in my hand, and pressed the shutter, but wasn’t looking through the viewfinder, so this was just one of those fun lucky shots.
DSC_7365 (1)

My personal favorite as far as out takes go. I laugh every time I see this photo, but I realize that maybe it’s something only a Mommy can find funny. 🙂 I was trying to get a big bro/little bro photo and Myles chose just that moment to burble. Once again I wasn’t looking through the view finder, just shooting. Come on… you KNOW it’s funny!
DSC_8093 (1)

Here’s a classic example of too many kids in one shot. I took about 15 shots of this pose with the grandparents and all the grandboys, but only one was “decent.” In the rest one or other child was screaming his lungs out. Pretty funny.
DSC_9530 (1)

This photo, I took at camp this summer during a rousing game of Powerball. Apparently no one yelled “duck” to our ‘goal holder.’ Ha ha.. just another lucky capture. Poor Matt. 🙂
DSC_1699 (1)

If you want to see more great out takes you can click on the I heart faces button. Hope you got a chuckle out of mine. 🙂

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