Mewwy Cwismas

As Qade would say. 🙂
We’ve had a BLAST this week!! Once we finally made it “over the interstate and through the traffic” to the fam’s houses we had a great time! Qade simply revels in the attention he gets from his grandparents and Oma. I love to watch him having fun with them. He cried when we left and wanted to “go back, gam-pa’s house!” That’s just because he didn’t know what was in store for him at OUR home! 🙂 Yes, we are the odd ones who prefer to have our Christmas at home. We LOVE seeing family AROUND Christmas time, but prefer to have our actual Christmas at home with just us…. okay, we’re strange.
So as our “tradition” dictates we get to open something on Christmas Eve. Well, this year Stu said that we should open our stockings SO we did. 🙂 Since we don’t ‘do’ Santa in our home it’s no biggie, and the boys loved getting their stocking goodies! They both got sunglasses, hoping that it will cut down on the “sun in ma eyes” screams that we get in the vehicle. Who knows though, Myles wouldn’t keep his on for longer than 10 seconds at a time and then scream for help to get them back on. Ha! They both thought they were pretty cool, and I’d have to agree!
Qade got “Cars” glasses, of course, and you can clearly see the McQueen and Mator. Very fun!! Myles glasses are uh… hot wheels I think. I’m not sure, but they don’t have any character on the front so who knows…. they did get schmoozed pretty fast, however. 🙂
I got a movie in MY stocking so after the lads went to bed (early, yay!) Stu and I got to snuggle on the couch and watch it. 🙂 I don’t know who decided that if a baby goes to bed 1/2 hr early that it equals to waking up 3 hours early, but I believe it’s a BAD practice! No, it wasn’t so bad, but at around 4am I heard some squalls coming from the lad’s room and went to comfort Myles. By then he had roused his big bro, but fortunately Qade didn’t get up. I calmed Myles down, told Qade to go back to sleep, and then Myles joined us upstairs because I knew leaving them both in there awake would be a complete calamity!! Then we all got a couple hours more sleep and that made for a good Christmas morning.
We ate our TRADITIONAL Christmas morning breakfast of monkey bread!!!! It turned out so licky, sticky yummy this morning! LOVE IT!! And since the boys don’t have the actual idea of Christmas down yet, they didn’t mind waiting for gifts till after breakfast.
It was SO fun this year to watch Qade figure stuff out. He took an active role in passing out gifts with a hearty, “Mewwy Cwismas” and he took an even more eager interest in opening his own gifts. It has finally clicked to him that when ya tear the pretty paper off, there is something really fun on the inside! 🙂 Myles is still much more interested in playing with the packaging and paper than the gifts but there were a few that sparked his interest.
We are determined to teach our children thankfulness, in as much as WE can. We want to teach by example, and also by helping them learn to give. This year at my family’s house we had Qade pass out the gifts we brought and tell each person Merry Christmas, by name. Then when visiting Stuart’s grandmother in an assisted living home, we encouraged Qade to shake hands with the residents and tell them Merry Christmas as well. He was so good about it! Sometimes going there makes the boys nervous, but this time they were both showing off for the amusement of the older folks. It made my heart glad to see the smiles that our boys were able to get from the people there. Next year, since the lads will both be old enough to participate, we will make “goodies” for them and have a great adventure “giving” day. Our little ones are very privileged to have so many caring people who want to give them good things. They have fantastic grandparents on both sides, and of course, WE even have a hard time restraining our ‘gifting’ when we see something we just KNOW they’d love! 🙂 But more important than them getting all the things their little hearts could wish for, we want them to be thankful and ENJOY what they already have, and appreciate new things they get, rather than think that it’s just their due. We also want to help them learn the joy of giving. That is a treasure that can’t be taken away.
SO anyway, I hope that you have all had a very very fun and happy Christmas! Hope that “santa” whomever that is for you, was generous to you this year, and that you thought a lot about what it meant for “Baby Jesus” (as Qade calls Him) to be born for us. Merry Christmas!

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