I did not spend the majority of Monday morning stressing out about packing up my kids, their luggage, and all the other necessities that are needed by the four of us for a trip to spend time with my family before Christmas. Does it ever amaze you how much JUNK little people need to spend a night away???
We did not get down the road with our 2 monkeys and their baggage in tow only to see a sign that informed us of a road closure. Neither did the thought occur to us that we should then stop to get details or find an alternate route. Surely it wouldn’t mess up OUR travel plans, oh no.
We didn’t blindly continue on only to spend over an hour SITTING on the road just to get to the “top” to be told to turn around and take a detour. *sigh*
After that we didn’t dig out the map to create our own detour, and happily jaunt along our way till we saw a 4×4 truck covered in mud coming from the opposite direction. The driver of that truck was kind enough to tell us “ya can’t get there from here.” **double sigh**
After spending 5 hours on the road with our poor little children strapped to their carseats the whole time, we DID NOT arrived back where we started…. yep, home. *sigh again*
Looking for the “silver lining” in my “not me monday” as a friend of mine recently encouraged me to do, I will get to play with my new photo editing software!! I will break out the iron and make some rosettes to munch on this evening while we sit down, cozy and happy in our own home with our beautiful Christmas tree, and my awesome lads bouncing off the walls. 🙂 I’m disappointed not to get to have a fabulous spaghetti dinner, made by Oma, with all the fam tonight, but I am thankful that we’re happy and safe and it’s still Christmas time!