In Our Realm

Qade the little entertainer hasn’t been disappointing lately. He and his Daddy have this “fist bump” they do where Stuart will tell Qade to “hit the rock” and then Qade bumps his fist. Well, one day Qade put out his little fist and said, “Hit the little rock, Daddy” Ha!! Who knew he even had the size concept down?? 🙂 He’s a fun, funny kid. The other night at dinner, out of the blue, he said, “My chill pill.” He then pretended to pick up a “pill” from his place mat and eat it! I was rolling with that one! We occasionally tell him to “take a chill pill” when he is having issues. He saw my vitamin by my plate and assumed it was my chill pill and he needed one too. 🙂 I gave him a flintstone kid vitamin with dinner last night and he told me it was his vitamin chill pill. It’s amazing to me what our child will come up with. I know I don’t give him enough credit.
Stuart and I were recently organizing our sheet music and books. Qade sat happily on the floor examining one book after the other and telling me each time he picked one up, “This book is my favorite!” Now he’ll pick a random person he knows like Uncle James and pick a book out of his collection and say, “This is Uncle James’ favorite book.” Silliness!
Myles is our sneaky lad. He is learning what is off limits in our house to him, but that won’t stop him from touching now and then, just to check if it’s still a “no-no.” Usually all I do is say his name and he goes running (yes, he’s getting quite fast on his little feet) in the opposite direction. He’ll adopt this “I wasn’t touching it, oh no” look on his face as well. Hmmmmm…. 🙂 Myles walks everywhere now. He rarely crawls at all, and is surprisingly sturdy. He will hang on to Qade’s shirt and walk around with him, just to be annoying. 🙂 Qade squeals about it the whole time which is probably why Myles gets a kick out of doing it. 😉 Typical little brother. He IS indeed learning how to push Qade’s buttons and thinks he’s quite something when he gets a reaction. Ah, little people… they remind me so much of myself it’s terrible. 😉 Ha ha!
Myles is going through that phase that Qade also went through where it’s the most fun thing ever to empty drawers. I remember this with Qade, but you see then it was only one against one. NOW however, Qade thinks it’s great fun to join Myles and since he can reach the higher drawers EVERYTHING ends up on the floor. Imagine what a happy camper I was when I went to their room one day to find the entire contents of their dresser strewn about as well as 2 under-the-bed rubbermades that had “organized” clothes in it. Oh, and every book was off the book case too. 🙂 Yep, happy day. I’ve started to learn though, and Qade and Myles both get to help put things back. Qade doesn’t enjoy it, so hopefully it’ll act as a deterrent from destroying things in the first place. Though I have a feeling that when that little brother begins to have such a blast being a destruct-o-matic that he won’t be able to resist. 🙂
It’s always an adventure. We’ve been 2 days on our “potty sabbatical” and doing great! Qade doesn’t seem to care a bit, and I’d rather change diapers than deal with the constant battle at this point. 🙂 The holidays will certainly be “happier” for this mommy!