Not Me Monday

I did NOT let my boys wander around the house each with is very own (from his birth-day) bulb syringe hanging out of their mouth like a pipe. 🙂 Nope, not me! I wouldn’t have had those little snot suckers ‘tucked’ away in a very accessible drawer in the bathroom just waiting to be discovered and played with. And then when they were discovered I would not have allowed such play to continue simply to get a few minutes “peace and quiet” while they actually played nicely together. Ha! No. 😉

I would NEVER even consider giving my 2 1/2 yr old coffee in HIS OWN MUG just so that he would stop lurking over mine! Ah ha ha ha! No, not me! 😀 This totally cracks me up! I mean, he loves the stuff and it was only a tiny bit probably didn’t make up 2 tablespoonfuls all together. But what does that matter, I wouldn’t do that! 😉 And I wouldn’t get a kick out of how much this child loves coffee and how he talks about his chocolate milk being “Qade’s coffee.” Ha Ha, seriously it makes me laugh! Oh, I mean, NOT ME!!

I didn’t give my lads each their own beater to lick when I was making chocolate chip cookies! Yummers!! That’s one of the best parts about being a kid! But ya know, conscientious mommies don’t give their children such horrible stuff… I mean, it’s uncooked, and basically just butter and sugar mixed up. Gross. 😉 And even if I had given them the beaters to lick, I wouldn’t have snitched a lick myself before handing them over. NOT ME!

Wait a second…..


Guess I did. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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