Super Critter Tree

Ya ever have those days when you feel lucky just to get a chance to go to the bathroom, never mind by yourself? Yeah, it was one of those days here, and rather than regurgitate it all for you I’ve decided to talk about something else, funny. 🙂
We picked up our Christmas tree last Sunday after church. We get “real” trees, but we just buy them from Home Depot, so I’m not sure how fresh it is, but it does smell good. 🙂 Qade was just waking up from a little car doze that he had when we stuffed the tree in the back of our vehicle. The tip of it’s branches came up between the boys seats, and they thought it was the coolest thing we’d ever had in there! They would reach up and gently (I was amazed at that!) touch the needles and the netting that the tree was in. As soon as we put it in Qade called it a “something” tree. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he said it exactly the same several times. I finally told him it was our Christmas tree. He repeated “Cismas tree” but then again called it the other thing. Hmmmm…. dunno. My brother calls his language “Qade-ian” and we’re not all fluent in it. Most of the time people look to me for translation, but I draw a blank from time to time too.
Anyway, we put the tree up right away on a table in our living room to help keep little fingers from redecorating the tree. The boys admired it, but were less impressed than I expected them to be. Especially Myles. I was expecting him to be at it from the get go, but he barely gave the new occupant of the house a nod. Weird! Qade kept insisting that the tree was that same whatever-it-is and I finally asked him if he was saying “sweet potato” tree. Ha! No, he said it again, and just a wee bit clearer and it was “Super Critter Tree!” The lightbulb came on in my brain! (finally) He has a Merser Mayer “Little Critter” book about this bully who “Super Critter” puts in the top of the tallest tree till he says I’m sorry fifty million times…. or something like that. The “tree” that the bully was on is a pine. 🙂 Get the connection? I finally did! Amazing how my little lad’s mind works. I’m convinced that he stores up information way more than I give him credit for. He has recently astonished me by knowing the letters O and A and the number 2. I haven’t been working with him on his letters or numbers, but he’s still picking up on them. He has a knack for drawing circles and today when Stu and I were admiring his artwork we noticed that several of the circles had eyes, a nose and mouth!!! Speaking of coloring, Qade has finally settled on being a righty. We were sure for a while that he was going to go left, and he still does prefer to use his left when he eats, but coloring is all right now. 🙂 Go figure.
So there’s my funny story for your entertainment. It’s freeeeeeezzzzzziiiiiinnnnng cold here, and I have an ongoing drama with my birdbath that I’ll share with you later. 😉 Oh the funny things that life brings. Hope you all are ready for a fabulous weekend. I plan to get the rest of my gifts wrapped and prettied up, and I still have a little more “project” ing to do, so hopefully the lads will cooperate and I can do some of that tomorrow. Toodles my friends!

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