Baby it’s COLD outside!

Wow! I’ve been waiting all day for it to “warm up” somewhat, but I think it’s actually getting colder!! Brrrrr… the warm water that I put in the birdbath in direct sunlight was frozen this afternoon! Poor birdies! I put some more out there, but I know it’s going to be a solid block of ice before they can drink it all up. Qade is still convinced that if the sun is shining that it must mean it’s warm. Some days I feel guilty for not wanting to take him outside. I just don’t like to be cold! But today I don’t feel bad about it at all!! Especially since Qade himself has some kinda little bug. He’s had a low grade temp since yesterday afternoon, and has the crabbies and fussies to go along with it. 🙂
Last night at 2 something or the “wee sma’s” as I like to call it, I heard a little voice on the monitor. It had actual “word sounding” noise to it, so I knew it was Qade. It really can be difficult to tell their noises apart sometimes. So I went down to their room as quick as possible without killing myself on the steps because of being bleary eyed. I found Qade in his bed asking for his cup which had somehow managed to roll off his little bed, and Myles up on his knees having been awakened by Qade. *sigh* So Qade went back to sleep clutching his precious cup while I took Myles upstairs to his pack-n-play in our room. Now that he was awake he decided it was indeed time to play, not to the amusement of his sleepy parents. This was the second night in a row that I had to deal with midnight wakers so I was very sleepy this morning. Fortunately Stuart didn’t have to go to work till noon today so he gave me a chance to take a morning nap. Ahhhhhh…. so nice! 🙂
So here we are snuggy at home with the wood fire burning. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that fire makes heat! 🙂 It’s the primary way we keep our home warm, and actually the only way most of the time. This afternoon the boys are “helping” Stuart put plastic over the windows. Stu has also put some weather stripping around the ‘cold’ doors. I’m sure it’ll make a big difference!
On the little lad front, Myles is now a big walker man!! He has been diligently practicing his walk for several weeks now, but just this past week after Thanksgiving he decided to really go for it. Now he’s actually walking more than he crawls. 🙂 Makes me so proud of him and kinda sad at the same time… ha ha ha. Parenting is full of conflicting emotions. 🙂 Myles and Qade get the biggest kicks now out of just walking around carrying things. Ha! Myles is the instigator, of course, because he thinks this walking thing is “da-bomb” and Qade just HAS to get in on any kind of “fun” that’s going on so hence the ‘walking game.’ Lads are such fun! Hope they get out from under the weather quickly so we can have more laughing and less fussing.
Have a happy day!

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