Take it all in

Lately I’ve been trying to do this more. I wan’t to take in all the sweet things my kids are doing, saying, experiencing. Take in the fun family moments, and moments with my hubby. Take in the beauty that surrounds me in this place we live. Take it all in.
Life has a way of getting me too busy. Too busy to enjoy the journey. I’ve been ‘prone’ that way my whole life. I’ve always been one to look to the destination as the goal, rather than the process. It’s something that I’m aware of and work to overcome. Still there are days where I wish that the boys wouldn’t be hanging on my legs so I could just get SOMETHING done! And zap, my patience goes out the window! I know that for me, I need to slow down, enjoy the inbetween moments, because that’s where life really happens. I do all these things to “remember” like take a zillions pictures, scrapbook, journal, blog make all those memories imortal. But am I spending more time on “saving” the memories than I am on making the memories?? Those things are important and have their place, but their place is NOT primary. My hubby, my kids, my family and what is happening NOW is the important thing.
Yes, I need to get the dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, folding, changing, cooking, memory keeping all done. But it’s in those commas that life is really happening, and I MUST make sure I don’t miss it by moving on to the next thing without even thinking. 🙂
I read this article that kinda said what I’d already been thinking, but it’s a good read if you’re interested.
Now go hug someone! 🙂

P.S. I wrote this post BEFORE I read that whole article, so I wasn’t plagiarizing… just so ya know. 😉

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