A Morning with Buford

Qade goes through his Buford jags. Days where Buford has to be involved in EVERYTHING. I knew it was coming on. Yesterday, Qade “changed” Buford on the rocking chair ottoman while I was getting Myles changed first thing in the morning. Then Buford graced us with his presence at the breakfast table. In fact he was occupying MY spot, so I had to politely move him to a different seat. 😉
This morning the ‘unders’ that I had put on Buford, per Qade’s request, were pretty much hanging off. He is a rather small cow after all. 😉 So Qade decided that Buford “did pee-pee in unders” and they needed to “go in dryer.” I convinced him instead to put the perfectly clean unders in the laundry basket. 😉 Then I assisted Qade in taking Buford potty. I figured if Qade were to attempt it on his own, we’d have a wet with toilet water cow, and Buford would find himself in the washer! After Buford’s successful trip to the bathroom, and Qade did intently watch to make sure Buford did his business, we took him back to the room and put on an old size 2 diaper. Qade originally asked that Buford wear a pull-up, but I knew poor Buford would be swimming in that thing, so we compromised. 😉 Now Buford is “sitting” comfortably on the couch waiting to watch “Wall-e” ha ha ha!! He’s wearing an 18mo onesie since Qade removed his overalls to be washed yesterday. Pretty funny!
It makes me smile to watch my little lad indulge his imagination. And even though I have a HUGE list of to-do’s on this Saturday (what gives???) it was worth it to take a little “time off” to role play with Buford. And if it helps Qade get the whole potty thing down better, then I’d take Buford potty EVERY day! 🙂