pantry |?pantr?| a small room or closet in which food, dishes, and utensils are kept.

That’s what it is. Makes it sound pretty simple. And it should be simple. I have no idea how pantries manage to get out of control, but all it takes is one good trip to the supermarket and it’s all over for the simple pantry. If you’re like us and do some of your shopping at places like Sam’s Club or Costco, then there is NO hope for your pantry at all! I mean, honestly, how can you store, in an organized manner, 20lb bags of flour and sugar? Hmmmmm??? And if you buy the “discount” cereal from Wal-Mart then you simply can’t fit the whole thing in one of your air-tight storage containers. Just doesn’t work.
So this is what I had to work with.
DSC_8112 It’s not as bad as some I’ve worked with. (wink wink, you KNOW who you are!) but still plenty of room for improvement!
Here’s a closer look…
Sometimes I think aliens come down and plant things in my pantry. How else would you explain the 3 jars of 5 Spice sauce that have been hiding in there for oh… at least a year.
DSC_8117 I don’t like 5-Spice. But I didn’t learn that until I had all of my relatives, and maybe some people I didn’t know, looking for some for me. See, there was this recipe that I was DYING to try, but of course it called for 5-Spice and I had none…. I have plenty now. Would you care for some?
DSC_8133We rarely eat tacos. I don’t know why. We like tacos… but I almost never make them. How then can I explain the TWO boxes of crispy taco shells??? How?
This really IS how I felt after a while of pulling things out…. and this was BEFORE the mouse even!
Hub doesn’t like Stroganoff, and if I’m not mistaken the “best by” date is uh… Nov ’07. Hmmmm? Am I justified in throwing this out?
What do I do with these??? Any great recipe ideas welcome because they are STILL in there! 😉
Bought this on a whim. We used to eat sardines as a kid, oh the nostalgia, but they weren’t in LA hot sauce, so I haven’t been able to make myself open the can. Want some?
I was pulling things out and making a list of “MUST EAT THIS WEEK” kind of things. One of these packages moved with us from Greenville! Yikes!
Love this rice! It’s the best ever! This 5 lb bag though is very difficult to store nicely.
My dad brought these when he came and chopped us some wood. We’re not wild about them… perhaps they’ll go back home with them after Thanksgiving. 😉
This is the part where I’m finally figuring out that I can’t organize.
My lads like these nuggets. All three of them. They make a great snack because I don’t really eat them. 🙂
DSC_8155 Word of advice; if you buy plastic wrap from Costco, it will be with you for all eternity and will NOT conveniently fit in any drawer or cabinet.
FINALLY!!! And this is right before I discovered the live mouse under the dryer and quit the room completely!
Before… I dunno if there’s that much improvement. But it’s done till the next grocery run. 😉

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